Low Cost Airlines

We can book flights with easyJet and Jet2 from a wide selection of regional airports.

Flying with Low-cost Airlines

If you book your flights with Ski Independence you will receive a recap of your flight details on your booking confirmation and holiday itinerary. This will include information about what is included in the price and your baggage allowance.


All airlines' check-in policies vary but wherever possible we will complete check-in on your behalf and send your boarding passes to you.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowances vary between airlines. If you book your flights with Ski Independence the amount of hold luggage pre-booked and paid for will show on your holiday itinerary. If you require any additional baggage allowance, please advise us before you travel to avoid additional airport charges.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Carriage

All low-cost airlines charge for ski carriage and this cost varies. If you wish to carry ski or snowboard equipment on a low-cost airline, please let our Ski Specialists know and they'll be able to organise this for you.