Top Reasons to Travel in First or Business Class

[caption id="attachment_7788" align="aligncenter" width="410"]Travel in First and Business Class British Airways First Cabin[/caption] Since the advent of commercial air travel life on board, particularly on long haul routes, has changed almost beyond recognition. Whilst safety has always been the number one priority, clean air and well-being now follow closely behind. Fortunately, gone are the days of free cigarettes for First Class passengers - indeed gone are the smoking seats at the back of the plane, thank goodness! The iconic Concorde is no longer, the A380 double decker is now king of the skies and modern aeroplanes travel huge distances with no need for refuelling stops on the way. Turning left when you board a flight has always been one of the finer things to experience in life, and it could also mean the difference between a bleary eyed arrival or one where you're well rested and raring to go! What's more, the luxury experience begins long before you get on board. But if air travel has come on so dramatically from the early days, why not just stick to Economy? Well, we know we'd always upgrade wherever possible and here are our top reasons to fly in style in First and Business Class cabins.

1. The Best Service

Receive the most attentive service and the VIP experience - from the moment you start your journey.

2. Priority Access

From a dedicated check-in desk, to priority at security, priority boarding and priority when you disembark, you'll be first in line at all stages of your journey. [caption id="attachment_7779" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Travel in First and Business Class Fast Lane Acces (image: Swiss International Airlines)[/caption]

3. The Airport Lounge

Avoid the crowds and enjoy the tranquillity of luxurious airport lounges. Enjoy a soft drink, beer or glass of fine wine and a tasty meal before boarding. [caption id="attachment_7772" align="aligncenter" width="410"]Travel in First and Business Class British Airways T5 Airport Lounge[/caption]

4. Your Seat

Your seat will be spacious, comfortable and fully adjustable, offering plenty of leg room. Privacy screens allow you to create your own mini sanctuary on board. [caption id="attachment_7773" align="aligncenter" width="367"]Travel in First and Business Class British Airways First Flat Bed[/caption]

5. Sleep!

You roomy seat will nearly always convert into a fully flat bed (on long haul flights) to ensure that you get that all-important quality sleep. Arrive feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday. Luxury spa products will keep your skin moisturised and you'll drift off to sleep with the help of specially selected scents. Travel in First Class and you're likely to receive a pair of luxury pyjamas to take away with you too.

5. Gourmet Food

Your in-flight meal will offer a tempting range of options and you'll also get to choose from complimentary fine wines and spirits to enjoy with your meal. What's more you'll eat at a time that suits you.

6. In-Flight Entertainment

Expect top of the range sound and audio systems - from HD screens to noise cancelling headphones, as well as ample room to plug in your laptop or tablet. [caption id="attachment_7771" align="aligncenter" width="333"]Travel in First and Business Class Executive First - Air Canada[/caption]

7. Very Generous Baggage Allowance

This varies depending on which airline you travel on, but whichever one you choose you can expect generous luggage allowances, which normally means at least 2 'normal' sized pieces of luggage (approx 20-23kg each) on transatlantic routes.

8. Did We Mention Priority Access?

You really are first in line every step of the way so your journey is as hassle-free and stress-free as possible. Possibly the biggest benefit of them all? Take a tour of the British Airways First Class cabin experience for a taster of what's in store when you travel in First and Business Class. You can also speak to our reservations team to find out about your options for First and Business Class seats on transatlantic and European routes, as well as Economy plus options. Get in touch by calling 0131 243 8097 for more expert help and advice with your ski holiday plans this winter or click here to request a tailor-made quotation online.