Here at Ski Independence we look forward to the end of January as we know that it’s about that time of year when we can look forward to and count down the days until we get on the slopes.  There are some lucky team members who have already put in some turns this winter but for many the first are yet to come.  Over the next few days we thought we would share with you what our own ski plans are for the rest of the winter,  so here’s who’s doing what! Gareth, Sales Manager I’m heading out for a quick (too quick) trip to Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper at the end of February.  I have visited Lake Louise once before and love the skiing and that view over the lake cannot be matched in any other ski destination in the world (in my opinion, let me know if you think otherwise!) I’m going out there with David and Gordon from the office and will be visiting all 16 properties in just 5 days as well as getting a little time at Sunshine, Lake Louise and Marmot Basin.  Once I get back I just have a day to get myself together before heading off on a Ski Weekend to Zermatt with some friends. The Swiss resort has had some epic snow over the past few weeks so I might even be able to brush up on my powder technique – it’s rubbish right now. It’s been a long few months booking skiing holidays for everyone and at the start of March I’ll get to go on my own one – even if it’s just a short break – and I can’t wait! [caption id="attachment_3008" align="aligncenter" width="398"] The Rothorn Gondola in Zermatt[/caption] Nick,  Product Manager, North America I've got a few things planned, but can't see me getting away from the office until late March/early April. I might take part in MonsterSki in Tignes in late March to help raise funds for the MS Trust, and in mid-April I'll be in California at a contracting event, so will hopefully get a few turns in at Mammoth, Squaw and Northstar.  I'll also be attempting to ski once a month for the next 12 months on snow in Scotland - Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr are all easy to achieve, and May and early June are usually OK too. Once we get into July, things get a bit trickier, and it all really depends on the snowfall we get over the this space. Oh, and there's talk of skiing Mt Etna too. [caption id="attachment_3004" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Epic snow, blue sky days, awesome terrain and incredible views - Mammoth[/caption] Karen, Reservations Consultant Counting down the days (52, incase you are interested) till I head to Park City, Utah.  I’ve skied all over Europe and North America but I’ve never been to Utah, and since I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of skiing dry fluffy Utah powder under bluebird skies…  I’m taking my mum and she’s really excited about it too – but I’m in trouble if there’s no powder!  She seems to think that working for Ski Independence gives me mystical powers over the weather (just for record – we have performed the odd miracle or two, but we’ve not mastered ‘snow-to order’ just yet!).  Getting to Salt Lake City can be a bit of a pain from the UK as there are no direct flights but we’re going via Paris and stopping overnight – if it’s less than 24 hours then it’s a free stop with Air France / Delta so we’ve booked a hotel for the night and we’ll head into the city on the metro for a nice meal - Something a bit different!  I really enjoy skiing new resorts so I’m looking forward to checking out Park City, Canyons, Deer Valley and Snowbird while I’m over there – and I’m really excited to try out my new ski boots too! [caption id="attachment_2997" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Karen on a recent trip to Vail[/caption] Claire G, Accounts I’m heading to Les Gets in the middle of March with friends for a pre-wedding-girls-only break (not to be confused with a hen night, also not my wedding). It’s the first time in 10 years that I will be going to a Ski Resort, and the first time ever for 3 of the party, another first - I’ll be Boarding instead of Skiing. A lots of aches, pains and bruises are expected!  There are 6 of us going for 5 nights and we are hoping to get 4 amazing snowy days on the mountain but my guess is the Apres Ski might alter our plans some mornings. Needless to say we are all super excited and can’t wait to get out there and see what Les Gets has to offer us. [caption id="attachment_3019" align="aligncenter" width="358"] Les Gets[/caption] Jamie, Reservations Consultant Around the end of March, 5 friends and I are looking to ski in Chamonix/Argentiere.  With the incredible snow fall throughout France this season, we are really looking forward to the excellent conditions.  We have decided L’Cristal D’Agentiere is the perfect property;  ideal location and quality of apartment.  Being self catered it means we can keep the costs down and eat out should we wish.  The Lognan cable car, which takes you up to Les Grands Montets is only 50m away, which opens up a huge area of skiing with The Mont Blanc Unlimited pass.  Nightlife might be slightly more laid back in Argentiere, however, Chamonix and its legendary après is only a short bus ride away!  Can’t wait!