First there was the Rich List, now we have the Sunday Times App List!  With over 500,000 smart phone apps available for download, the Sunday Times have recently announced their favourite 500.  Much to my disappointment after reading the list and finding only 1 relating to skiing, I decided to do some research!  Hours later and having downloaded and deleted countless apps (some terrible, some ok and some brilliant), I decided that the following 7 were my favourites. Ski Club Snow Reports The Ski Club of Great Britain snow report app brings you the best and most respected snow reports from over 250 ski resorts around the world.  Updated daily with the latest snowfall information, snow depths, piste conditions, live weather reports and even live webcams!  There is so much information built into this app it’s the only snow report you will ever need...and it’s completely free! [caption id="attachment_3112" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The latest ski and snowboard news from around the world.[/caption] Ski Tracks Ski Tracks is the UK’s number 1 snow sports application. It’s fun, easy to use and full of great stats to review throughout your day on the mountain.  Whether you want to track your top speed, distance skied or total vertical this app has it covered.  Ski Tracks also allows you to upload your stats and photographs to Facebook throughout the day which are automatically geo-tagged to your position.   [caption id="attachment_3135" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Ski Tracks, the UK's #1 Snow Sports Application[/caption] Mammut Safety This app is definitely for the safety conscious and to be honest I think I would rather spend my time skiing than working out the degree of the slope I am about to ski down, besides that  Mammut Safety is worthy of a mention.  The basic functions of this app tell you in which direction you are skiing, what altitude you are at, and also allow you to measure the angle of the slope using the built-in clinometers.  The best feature to this app has to be the SOS button which allows you to send your exact co-ordinates by SMS should you find yourself in a spot of bother. [caption id="attachment_3113" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Feel safe in the snow thanks to Mammut.[/caption] Ski School Advanced (beginner and intermediate also available) Looking to touch up your technique before hitting the slopes this year?  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, this range of Ski School apps will help to improve your confidence, style and technique.   With professionally produced ski lesson videos and movement analysis technology, these apps are ideal for giving you tips and advice both on and off the slopes.  Definitely my favourite feature of this app, and one that I’m looking forward to trying (to determine how good or bad my skiing position is), is the split screen video analysis. While on the mountain have someone video you and later watch yourself back on a split screen, one side you and the other your virtual instructor, now all you have to do is compare!  Here’s how it works... SnowEdge SnowEdge is definitely an app for the competitive people in the group and is ideal for tracking every movement you make during your day on the mountain.  Not only does this app measure the distance you travel it also gathers information on your acceleration, speed, ski time and airtime!  Developed specifically for this app you can even measure the speed, acceleration, g-force and the number of turns you make...the perfect app to decide who the best skier in the group is! [caption id="attachment_3119" align="aligncenter" width="208"] Track your achievements with Snowedge[/caption] RealSki Although limited to use in North America the RealSki App has to be my favourite, and to make it even better, it’s completely free of charge!  So, how does RealSki work?  It’s simple; use your phone as you would when taking a picture.  Using your compass and GPS devise the app will automatically display the names of restaurants, landmarks, chairlifts and runs over your live camera view!  Ideal for visiting a new resort and leaves no reason to get lost, hungry or stuck on that nasty black diamond run! iTrailMap 3D A 3D piste map in your pocket, that’s exactly what you get with iTrailMap 3D.  Allowing you to pan, zoom and rotate around your favourite ski resorts.  Not only does iTrailMap 3D act as a piste map it also pin points your exact location and  allows you to record your day on the mountain, an ideal way to compare how far and fast you ski with your mates over an après ski beer!  With over 650 featured resorts, you will never need to carry a piste map again! [caption id="attachment_3116" align="aligncenter" width="300"] iTrailMap 3D - available in 750 resorts worldwide[/caption] For anyone travelling to any of Vail Resorts this season, make sure you have the EpixMix app downloaded.  Working alongside your ski pass (complete with chip to track your movements) EpicMix opens up a whole new on mountain experience.  EpicMix allows you to capture your day on the mountain, track your friends and family across the resort and compare those vital stats!  For any parents, you can even track the movements of your children while they are at ski school!  Once you are signed into your EpicMix account you can share photos and achievements to Facebook and Twitter and even gain vital points to help you climb to the top of the EpicMix leaderboard!  If anyone has been to Vail Resorts this season and used the EpicMix pass and app we would love to hear how it was. There are countless other apps available for download that help you keep track of weather forecasts,  snow conditions, offer valuable resort information and help keep track of your mountain achievements.  At Ski Independence we may not be clever enough to measure your top speed or total vertical skied but we do offer first hand, knowledgeable advice on 96 ski resorts around the world.  So next time you are looking for some information on one of our featured ski resorts be smart and use your phone to call us rather than searching for that app! Ski Independence can be contacted on 0131 243 8097 or you can request information by completing this easy to use online form. App'y Skiing!