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Jamie France

I have had a very useful rest day today (6th March), mainly holed up in the Hotel room in Lucerne, Switzerland. I must admit I might have overstretched myself in terms of daily driving, the first 3 days were each over 8 hours, which is like back to back transatlantic flights – and I’m the pilot. However, with stimulants and a steely determination to reach my destination each day, I would say I am doing pretty well. My darkest hour was 4 hours into my drive from Andorra to Annecy and my sat nav informed me I had a further 4 hours to go. The worst drivers so far are the residents of Andorra: it was snowing very hard on a mountain pass and people were overtaking on blind corners. The resorts have been fantastic, in terms of snow, conditions and their support! The only resort which hasn’t fully supported me was Verbier because they receive alot of similar requests to mine... Which I suppose is fair enough and very Swiss! So I had to buy a pass there. It’s hilarious to receive a full day pass at over €40 sometimes and ski literally one run and unclick my skis. The person behind the counter is usually aghast as I drive off. So the total now stands at 6 countries skied, with the target being 20 of course. I managed to have a high speed on piste crash with myself, in Chamonix, which I hope has knocked some sense into me. I was trying to film and ski at the same time so was booting it down the home run – a green/easy blue – and went over a small roller and caught about 0.5 seconds of air time. I wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t land very well and caught the front of my left ski which sent me flying. Off to Liechtenstein tomorrow and Austria to tick off another two countries, Ski Independence has sponsored Austria and the resort of St Anton, which looks as if it still has some fantastic snow. I’ll enjoy my one run there... Maybe I should Snowplough to avoid crashing! Thanks for all the support Jamie #skiworldrecord Ski Independence are sponsoring his endeavours in FranceSwitzerland and Austria. Follow Jamie's progress on his Facebook page. Any personal donations are very welcome at Jamie's Just Giving page.
Ski World Record
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