[caption id="attachment_10003" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wingjump Val Thorens Wingjump Val Thorens (image: Office de Tourisme, Val Thorens)[/caption] If you have recently returned from a trip to the Three Valleys, you might have spotted groups of children whizzing about the slopes in Val Thorens with wings attached to their backs (yes that does say wings!). This has nothing to do with fancy dress. In your head you might be picturing some sparkly fairy wings, but think more parachute-like cape and you will be closer to reality.

Wingjump, to give it its official name, is the latest innovative teaching aid to be employed by instructors working for Ski Cool in Val Thorens. Aiming to provide a better sense of balance and instil confidence in learners, the Wingjump is ideal for skiers who are trying to improve their parallel turns. The added feeling of lift that the Wingjump provides encourages you to keep your weight forward, making turns that bit easier whilst allowing you to build up some speed at the same time. And what’s more it’s great fun!

Here's a clip from Ski Cool's Facebook page to give you a flavour:

If your kids fancy giving this a go, Ski Cool offer one Wingjump Val Thorens session as standard as part of their 6 day child group lessons running from Sunday – Friday for children in First Star to Gold Star level.

Or if you want to give it a try without committing to a whole week of ski lessons, why not book a private session and see how you get on? Places are limited so if you think this might be for you, give us a call on 0131 243 8097 – we’ll be able to give you a quote for your trip to Val Thorens including lessons with Ski Cool.