Now this is what life in Ski Town USA is all about!  I shovelled the driveway twice yesterday, and my husband took two turns as well as we came and went, clearing a good 10cm each time. Our back hill was grassy as recently as Saturday, so we’re relishing the workout. And I'm pleased to report that the new KIA Soul with beefy snow tires works fine in heavy snowfall with nary a road marking to be seen. [caption id="attachment_4808" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Chez O’Farrell at 7am on Tuesday[/caption] I know it’s a great day at the resort when I arrive at the office to find our staff photographer, staff  videographer, PR crew and Facilities Director gearing up to head up the mountain. Most telling is that the Facilities Director mentioned above, an incredible powder skier, is dressed in hot pink from the models’ closet and has her long blonde hair in pretty pigtails to look fine for the cameras. Somebody has to do it…  Look for her in Steamboat promo photos in the days to come. [caption id="attachment_4866" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Steamobat Facilties Director, Audrey[/caption] I'm planning to head up myself at lunchtime, but in the meantime I’ll be here at my desk getting out the good word:
  • From Sunday the 9th to this morning at 5am: 46cm/18.25”
  • Constant snow since then and still falling
  • We've opened more lifts and terrain this week
  • Ski patrol and slope maintenance are working around the clock to prepare more trails for skiing and riding, packing all of this new snow into a perfect surface for your sliding enjoyment
  • 10-day Steamboat forecast shows 3 days of snow and 7 of cold temperatures to keep existing snow in great shape
[caption id="attachment_4813" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Get your Champagne Powder fix in Steamboat[/caption] There were a lot of us here in Steamboat and out there in the world feeling a bit nervous about Mother Nature’s plans after last year’s less than stellar USA snow conditions, but my mood is now on total glass half-full optimism for an amazing winter season. Hope to see you here soon!