August 2018

For many seasons Breckenridge has been an exciting place to visit for British and local skiers alike. It was the first North American resort I visited and it is still well and truly my favourite place to ski in Colorado. Not only does it have high altitude slopes for all abilities, it also has a vibrant town which has kept a lot of its old silver mining days charm. This coming season however will really whet the taste buds. The reason? Brand new terrain in Breckenridge with a massive expansion of the ski area with the opening of over 540 acres in what is known as Peak 6.

Brand New Terrain in Breckenridge

Peak 6 in Breckenridge

To put this expansion into perspective, it is the equivalent of adding another resort onto the existing 4 peaks already there now. This terrain, for years, has been like dangling a carrot on a stick for skiers and boarders who have seen the amazing bowls from the top of Peak 7 and 8. Giving access to this peak makes a fantastic addition to what is already a great ski area.

Brand New Terrain in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Skier in Powder - Carl Scofield

As part of the expansion, 2 new lifts will be added to give easy access to 3 amazing bowls with the ski-out consisting of 10 new tree lined trails back to the base. From Peak 7 and 8 there will be easy trails to allow this massive area to be experienced, and another massive plus is that the new development does not include additional lodging at the base, which means no crowds and a chance to get fresh high Alpine tracks throughout the day.

Brand New Terrain in Breckenridge

Development Plan


  • 543 new skiable acres
  • 23% increase
  • First above-treeline intermediate bowl terrain
  • 3 new bowls
  • 10 new cut trails


  • 1 fixed grip 4-person chair
  • 1 detachable high-speed 6-person chair
  • Easily accessed via lifts on Peaks 7 and 8


  • Ski Patrol and warming hut at the top
  • Warming hut and restroom at mid-location (bottom of high-speed 6-pack)
  • No base area development

For those who are new to or even familiar with the resort there will be guided tours of the new Peak, with everything due to open this season. Ranking among the top resorts in North America, the brand new terrain in Breckenridge adds that back bowl wilderness experience which we all love in resorts like Vail and Whistler, making  it that much more appealing for this coming winter.

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