Today I was riding on the edge! That would be on the edge of some otherwise lovely groomed runs that my companion was enjoying, but I was in the mood for some deeper, fluffier messier snow. And fortunately for both of us and all of you, too, in Steamboat there's no need to compromise! The noontime view from my south-facing office window showed colorless sky with just a bit of sun brightening the horizon, but when we got out to the Gondola, we found a bluebird day over our mountain.  We started out down Rudi's to Blizzard to the Storm Peak Express, and just as I suspected from my two driveway shovels in the last 24 hours, the snow was just right.  It's soft and loose, but it has just enough weight to it to offer some resistance to my sharp snowboard, and it's a really fun ride. [caption id="attachment_831" align="aligncenter" width="300"]On The Edge On the edge![/caption] Once up at 3000m on Storm Peak, I bounced my way over the loving and giving bumps in the steep Triangle 3 Trees and down through the meadow above Cyclone, and finally down skier's right on Cyclone itself to catch some more of those overgrown push piles.  We then rode up Bar UE and crossed over to Sunshine Peak to cut down through the top of Three O'clock and then sneak over High Noon through the trees to Sunshine Lift Line and down through the Wally World trees just off Flintlock.  Just gorgeous!  Then it was back up Southpeak and down precipitous Rolex, and although it was rolled last night, the generous groomers left me a roller coaster ride line down my favorite side of the run. [caption id="attachment_832" align="aligncenter" width="283"]What a day! What a day![/caption] Finally, we rode Elkhead back out of Sunshine and then found our way down Valley View from top to bottom, with me carving up the messy edge and my friend making rhythmic telemark turns down the smoothly groomed piste.  I could have done this all day, but duty called, and there's more snow in the forecast for the coming days.  Come and see for yourself - you'll like it! Very best regards- Jenny