Amongst all this Olympic fever and the ever-increasing numbers of gold medals for Team GB, you may not have noticed that the 6th August 2012 marked 50 years of Jamaican independence, and that the legend that is Usain Bolt emphatically claimed a second successive Olympic victory in the men's 100 metres on the evening before this notable day. You might be forgiven for thinking that 2012 is all about the London Olympic Games, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, all things Britannia and oodles of gold medals (come on Sir Chris Hoy!).  However don't be fooled, as there are plenty more landmark events taking place this year which are contributing to a very special half century of sovereign rule, British culture and of course... skiing! Did you know that 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of:
  • The institution of that most famous and most British double agent, James Bond
  • Legendary rockers The Rolling Stones
  • The birth of a certain long-suffering member of the Ski Independence team
  • Steamboat ski resort in Colorado
  • And the inauguration of one of the best-known ski resorts on the planet, Vail?
To remind us all that there is life outside of Great Britain, here's a short video about the early years of Vail and it's progression to the present day: And for a bit of fun check out this clip from "The Spy Who Loved Me" where James Bond pioneers base jumping in the mountains of Austria: Do you know of any other anniversaries marking the last half century or when the first European ski resort was created?  We'd love to hear your thoughts. For more information about Ski Independence holidays to the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Austria and Japan, contact our reservations team on 0131 243 8097 or request an email quote here.