Image: Mammoth by Andrew Miller

March 2024

The multi-resort ski lift ticket is big business these days, but does it make sense for you to purchase one? Let’s look at what's on offer and how you can get the best value out of an Ikon Pass

What is an Ikon Pass?

Since its launch in 2018, the Ikon family of season passes has grown from offering skiing in a handful of world-class North American destinations to some of the very best skiing across the world. Many of these destinations operate as individual destinations, so unlike some other passes out there you can ski really experience something completely different with each resort you ski.

The full Ikon Pass offers something - ok lots of things - for every keen skier out there:

  • There’s a core group of 7 internationally renowned ski areas where pass holders have unlimited access all season long (including SteamboatWinter Park, Palisades Tahoe and Mammoth)
  • A further 9 destinations where you can ski all seasons but you might not have heard their names from across this side of the pond.
  • And another 13 destinations that we feature can be skied for 7 days on this same pass.
  • Is that all I hear you cry? Nope. There are a further 10 destinations, across 4 continents that will offer you a combined 7 days of skiing.

With over 50 destinations across the world, Ikon really opens up a world of skiing. 


But what does an Ikon pass mean for the average UK skier?

It means you can set out on an amazing road trip to cover some of the best skiing that the US has to offer for a start.

Fly in to Denver and pick up an SUV before driving to one of the easiest resorts to access, Winter Park. A day of cruising around to get your ski legs in is a must before you try to tame Mary Jane and her bumps and steeps. Then on to Steamboat – what a town and what a mountain! The lift system upgrades over the last few years make accessing the incredible skiing even easier. Reluctantly you’ll leave Steamboat…but Aspen is next! The town is a buzzing hub or arts and eateries and the skiing over four mountains will leave your head in a spin – which one will you ski today? On your way back to Denver you can take an extra night or two in Copper and ski there, or add an extra night and ski A-Basin. What a trip – all on one lift pass!

Ski Deer Valley (image: Scott Markewitz)

Deer Valley by Scott Markewitz

Or fly in to Salt Lake City and sample the delights of Deer Valley, Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird and Alta – the dream Utah trip. But you’re not finished yet…a 5 hour drive north will have you in Jackson Hole, a snowsport mecca. Ride the famous tram and peer over the drop in to Corbett’s Couloir. Only do it if you dare! The ski area is huge and varied and accessible for most skiers too – it’s not all about the steep stuff. After a few nights in Jackson it’s time to move on, driving around Yellowstone National Park and on to Big Sky. Another huge mountain with some seriously tough terrain and loads of really good intermediate runs too – and so quiet mid-week! The snow record is amazing and we have some great accommodation options here, a wonderful way to finish an unreal US road trip. Flying home from Bozeman you will sleep well, that’s for sure! This trip – all on the one Ikon Pass.

How about Canada? Ikon can do that too.

Again, you are best to hire a car and explore the very best of the Rockies and Western Canada. We can fly you in to Calgary and you’ll be in Banff within a couple of hours. The skiing in Sunshine, Mt. Norquay and Lake Louise is like a road trip in itself as each mountain offers something completely different, but the one thing they have in common – they’re amazing! But you’ll have no time to hang around as you will still have Panorama (with an additional heli-ski trip?) and Revelstoke to tick off the list. And what huge ticks they are. Revelstoke has the biggest vertical drop in Canada and one of the most enviable snow records too, you’ll need you ski legs in for this one. From Revelstoke to Red Mountain (a 4 hour drive) for one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Listen to the friendly locals, they will give you the best tips for the mountain over a beer or two! Next stop is Sun Peaks, with over 4,000 acres of skiing this place never fails to impress. Laid back lodging and dining will allow you to chill a little. We’re nearing the end of the trip now and have a couple of options, head back to the airport or stop over a night or two in Vancouver. If you’re stopping in Vancouver…you can ski Cypress Mountain. All of this can be done on one Ikon Pass too.


These trips are the stuff of dreams! If you have any more holiday days left (and energy) you can do another trip a bit closer to home, how about a few days in Chamonix or Zermatt or Val Gardena? It would be a shame to waste those ski days available of your Ikon wouldn’t it?

Book your Ikon Pass now to get the very lowest price.