Everyone knows that before a ski holiday, we all dread the burning thighs and aching muscles but there're a few things that you can do during the off season that will make sure that doesn't happen! The ideal way to do this is to NOT HAVE AN OFF SEASON. Why not spend your summer traveling to somewhere in a different hemisphere and have a full 12 months of skiing? You could be shredding powder with the best of them, not worrying about aching muscles. Doesn't that sound like a dream? Ok, so that's not that realistic for most people. If you're wondering how to get fit before you're trip, then this little article might be of help. Cycling. It might seem like a fair distance away from skiing but you have to remember that we're thinking in terms of muscles and cycling works the leg muscles that you use for skiing so get on your bike, become the next Lance Armstrong and you'll be ready to go in no time. Rowing. Another great way to keep you fit before the season. Like cycling it works the muscles that you would be using when skiing. Most gyms will have rowing machines or if you want to get fit at home, they have come down a lot in price so if you want to spend a bit of cash getting one then it's a good investment. Hiking. It's free and you only need to get yourself outdoors! Those are the basics on how to keep yourself fit for the season. Just look at the people like Tanner Hall who has come back from injury to be at the forefront of skiing once again. Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of Lynsey Dyer and bring back Jazzcercise: or watch more skiing videos >>