One of our contacts in Panorama Mountain Village, Shannon, recently made the move from Scotland to Panorama in Canada and tells her all about their first winter back in British Columbia, and why she chose to stay put. "The journey from Scotland to Calgary is one that I have done many times and I now find the flight a time to relax and gather my thoughts. Excited that this time I was not going back to Scotland, I was travelling further north and into a gauntlet of towering mountain ranges - with the Rockies lying to the south and the east and the Purcells to the north and the west. In all directions stand pristine, snow-covered peaks and untouched forests, and plenty of powder! [caption id="attachment_7951" align="aligncenter" width="513"]Panorama in Canada Panorama Mountain Village - ski-in/ski-out heaven[/caption]

All about Panorama in Canada

I have done winter ski seasons before, many years ago, and the lure to return to the industry was just too exciting to turn down. Panorama Mountain Village was a new challenge and new resort for me. I had heard nothing but great things coming out of the resort: great snow, a steep, fun mountain and everything right there on your doorstep, as the entire village is ski-in/ski-out… Of course my reaction was “Where do I sign?”. [caption id="attachment_7949" align="aligncenter" width="443"]Panorama in Canada Enjoying a bluebird day on top of the world[/caption] What I didn't realise, until I settled into the resort, was how much more it had to offer. Not only is the mountain fun to ride and ski with its varied terrain, there are 101 more activities to try out which make every day an adventure. The mountain range is one of the most famous for backcountry skiing and with a heli-ski company positioned right in the heart of the village, you would be crazy not to try it. Some of my favourite past times aside from skiing are cross-country skiing, ice-skating (on the lake in the connecting town of Invermere) and snowmobiling. I've visited many resorts worldwide, but none come close to the facilities that Panorama offers, but the best part is the fact you don’t have to travel out of the resort to tap into any of this… it is all here in one place and all within walking distance from my apartment.

Winter 2013/14

  • Last winter in Panorama was action-packed almost every weekend! We hosted the IPC World Cup which was the largest para-alpine event in Canada. Ski breaks were compulsory for all the staff so we could get on the hill and cheer for our countries. The British team were there in full force, so I waved both flags (so the Canadian team didn't feel left out). It was so exciting with the rattle of alpine cow bells and viewpoints on the hairpin corners were full of excited guests in awe at the amazing feats these truly amazing athletes achieved. The points gained from this event were going towards qualifications for the Sochi Olympics – so the competition was fierce.
  • Panorama received some of its largest dumps of snow recorded in mid-February. The 40+cm day was beyond amazing and was followed by more huge dumps in March that carried us through to our latest end of season date, 21st April, when ski-in/ski-out was still very much a possibility.
  • One of my favourite events this winter was taking a flight on the RK Heli chopper. Flying over the whole valley and landing on the summit of Panorama was so special. We had cheese fondue dinner in front of a log fire with a wine to warm us up. It will be a night I will always remember, it was magical!
[caption id="attachment_7947" align="aligncenter" width="429"]Panorama in Canada Flying in the chopper with RK Heliski[/caption] With the end of the season drawing close the decision was made very easily… I was staying for summer with the mountain turning its attention to downhill mountain biking and the draw of 2015 winter season very much on my mind." For more information on ski holidays to Panorama in Canada with Ski Independence call our expert team on 0131 243 8097 or request a tailor-made quotation online.