Current snowfall is continuing to add to Whistler's epic season, with nearly 1m falling in the past 7 days and whilst these conditions aren't ideal for the Olympians, they make for an ideal day on the mountain. [caption id="attachment_878" align="alignright" width="300"]Excellent conditions in Whistler Excellent conditions in Whistler[/caption] Hazel, one of Ski Independence's resort reps (pictured right), told us yesterday "There is a real buzz around town, its so busy with people from all over the world, but the hill is really quiet and the snow in the alpine is amazing, which is great for all us skiers & boarders who love powder, with fresh tracks still to be found late afternoon." Both the men's & women's downhill races were nail biting, with a great 13th place finish from Team GB's Chemmy Alcott. Chemmy was full of praise for the course. "It's the perfect women's downhill, the best I've ever skied," she said. "And today Mother Nature did us a favour as well with the conditions. It's bumpy, it's icy and it's great fun. You look at this and you think to yourself: 'This is what we do this sport for.' I think I could have gone quicker but I made a few silly mistakes. But it's the Chemmy way." Good luck to Chemmy for the super-combined today, which is one of her best events. While conditions at Cypress Mountain, which is 2 hours south of Whistler and where the freestyle skiing and boarding events are being held, aren't perfect, remember there is plenty of snow up in Whistler and with a base of 303cm there will still be plenty if you fancy a last minute trip out in March or April. For more videos & photos from Whistler & Vancouver - click here