Over the past few months there has been a lot of chat and hype about the latest British "rom-com" to hit the screens - Chalet Girl. So a couple of the ski team headed out earlier in the week braced for some "rom-com" fun on the slopes of St Anton – armed with our Orange Wednesday codes (we weren’t keen on paying full price for this inevitably cheesy film). And sure enough it was cheesy. The heroine (Kim) gives up her pro skateboarding career to work in a fast food restaurant after her Mum dies in a car crash. She gets the chance to work a season as a chalet girl in St Anton for an über-wealthy family, which she grudgingly does whilst learning the art of snowboarding. Low and behold she enters and wins (but of course!) a gnarly boarding competition. She certainly seems to have an easy life. My cinema-going buddy asked if my seasons were similar to the film – and I can safely say that Nein, they were not. Although I would have been more than happy to accompany clients on heli-skiing trips on bluebird days! [caption id="attachment_2075" align="aligncenter" width="300"] If only my season was like Kim's![/caption] For all the film’s weaknesses, the beautiful backdrop of St Anton makes a great location for the film and I couldn’t help thinking what a great time they would have had made making it (the final credits bear testament to this). So, after a few après-work drinks, head to your local cinema and enjoy the harmless fun of Chalet Girl. And if you’re tempted to experience St Anton for yourself, get in touch!