Ski Club warns skiers and boarders to take out appropriate insurance cover for holidays. Today the Ski Club of Great Britain launches a new ‘Get Covered’ campaign warning of the risks of skiing or snowboarding without the appropriate cover for wintersports. A recent survey states that 75% of British holidaymakers don’t check the terms and conditions when purchasing travel insurance and 56% fail to buy cover at all* For ski and snowboard holidays this has serious implications. Not taking out any insurance can result in huge bills for medical expenses, transport from the mountain or repatriation to the UK.** But what can often catch skiers and snowboarders out is not reading the small print and taking part in, and getting injured in, activities they are not covered for. “Skiers and snowboarders often get caught out when it comes to insurance. Buying a travel insurance policy is often not enough. The Ski Club urges people to check that they are covered for wintersports and that they read the small print to ensure all activities they will be participating in are covered.” Said Caroline Stuart Taylor, Chief Executive of the Ski Club of Great Britain. The Ski Club offers the following tips for buying snowsports travel insurance:
  • If you think you may be taking part in any extra winter activities such as off-piste skiing or snowboarding, tobogganing, ski touring, glacier skiing, heliskiing or even just hitting the snowpark, make sure your policy covers you for this.
  • Check what the provider means by off-piste. Does it cover off piste without a guide?
  • If you, or your children, are taking part in fun races with the ski/ snowboard school ensure this is covered in your policy. Many policies do not cover racing, even fun, recreational races.
  • If you are going on a ski mountaineering, hiking or trekking trip at high altitude check that your policy covers you. Many policies will limit cover to 3000m or less. If you are trekking above this height you will not be covered.
  • Check that you have legal expenses cover – this will cover your legal costs if someone injures you and you need to take legal action.
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest travel insurance policy. Cheaper policies, even those specialising in 'wintersports cover' may not actually cover the winter activities you're planning.
Ski Independence offers full comprehensive insurance with all of it's holidays. For further information, please contact the reservations team on 0131 243 8097. *Age Concern Survey 2008 – **If you do have an accident and you are not insured you may end up with a frightening bill. Potential costs for European accidents: • Cost of an air ambulance: £5,000 - £10,000 • Repatriation to the UK (with family escort): £200 - £800 • Repatriation to the UK (with stretcher): £3,350 - £3700 (This can increase by up to £2,000 if the airline apply a surcharge) Potential costs for accidents in North America: • Cost of an air ambulance: £30,000 • Repatriation to the UK with upgraded seats (required for leg injuries): £2,000 - £5,000